I recently read this article in Black Enterprise news by Janel Hazelwood about a jewelry desinger named Aklia Chinn and her path to success in a jewelry designing. It is quite interesting how we can turn what most consider a hobby into a lucrative career and Aklia’s story is the most interesting.

 Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider in terms of quality, need for your product, uniqueness, product placement and of course your NETWORK before decided to turn your hobby into a career. However,  Aklia’s success started with the interest of one person on the set of a popular show and then took off from there. Word of mouth can be the best marketing tool, therefore you must be kind to everyone you encounter because you never know who may be watching or mentioning your product to someone else. Aklia is very humbled by her success and is considered a veteran in the game. Her jewelry can best be described as afro-centric and rich in culture. 

When asked about how she was able to secure celebrity clients, she stated:  “When recognizable celebrities love your work enough to wear it often, people notice, and that publicity is priceless.” She also talks about her pitfalls and challeges within the non essential items, gifts and jewelry business and how the economy has effected her business. Aklia does not only own a retail jewelry gift shop but has turned her store into a roots salon called Rehab Salon. Check out the article:http://www.blackenterprise.com/2011/10/19/a-veteran-in-custom-jewelry/

Aklia Rehab Salon: http://www.rehabsalon.com/1301.html 

Aklia Jewelry Site: http://www.aklias.com/