As the founder of Yaya’s Haus of Glam Jewels and a young entrepreneur I have always had a love for jewelry, fashion, and the arts. Receiving the name “Yaa” from an African village during my first travel to Ghana, W. Africa, the name meant so much to me beyond just meaning “Thursday born.” To me the name symbolized becoming a woman while finding myself through traveling for the first time as a professional Pan-Caribbean dancer to the mother land “Africa.” While there and traveling to other countries abroad, I have seen some very unique jewelry pieces and would love to share them with you all while incorporating my line of high fashion jewelry. My goal is to appeal to all age groups looking for something unique and classy to spice up their look while remaining in budget. Overtime I will expand the business to a couture line, which will include an array of custom designed pieces. Through our blog site you will see the growth of YHG Jewels while being able to provide your opinions on various jewelry pieces. We will also showcase other designs from various jewelry artists that speaks to our mission, “Fashion Jewelry Meets Art.”  Please provide your feedback on the pieces within the various collections and thanks again for being a part of Yaya.



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